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Donor decline is not inevitable. George Washington University reversed the trend and enjoyed nearly five percent growth in the number of donors to the institution in 2023. In this case study, we'll cover how a switch to a "video-first" Donor Engagement Center helped GW change the narrative in higher education annual giving.

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More than buzzwords, “authentic video” is driving real results across nonprofit fundraising. In this webinar, Perry Radford of Rad Philanthropy, a fundraising consultancy, joins the team to discuss how authentic video can be applied across higher education institutions to increase engagement and, ultimately, fundraising.


Authentic Video Pt. 2: 10x Engagement with Authentic Student Video

Unlock the power of an authentic video ambassador program! Join Perry Radford from Rad Philanthropy as she collaborates with to reveal the key operational tweaks for harnessing video's potential in boosting engagement and fundraising.


Successful Student Fundraisers: Build a Team, Watch it Grow

This webinar featuring partner VanillaSoft covers everything from hiring, to training, to retaining incredible student fundraisers. The webinar equips viewers with knowledge on how to identify rising star student employees and understand what it takes to help them grow and succeed.


Launching the Show-Me Ambassadors - Mizzou Advancement Panel Discussion

The University of Missouri invested in a new video-centric donor engagement strategy featuring students. Just three short months after launch, Mizzou held its annual Giving Day campaign — and the student ambassadors delivered impressive results.


How to Capture Viewers' Attention… and Keep It.

You have three seconds to spark your viewers interest before they forget about you and continue scrolling. Learn how to capture your viewers attention and keep them engaged with your content so you can be sure your message gets heard loud and clear.


How to Make Your Video’s First Impression Count

How do you become a scroll stopper? You start with a good first impression. In this webinar we will discuss the secrets on how to spark viewers interest from the moment your content comes across the screen and keep them hooked wanting to watch more.


Optimizing Video for Social Media Platforms

Stop the scroll and be sure your content looks good and gets seen. This webinar will teach you how to best optimize your videos for the top social media platforms.

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