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Outsourced DDOs - Next Trend

Learn how {{firstname}}’s Student Engagement Team can produce results for your next multichannel campaign

Digital Development Officers are increasingly becoming a fixture on the fundraising landscape. As we move past the “early adopter” stage, many orgs are wondering, “how can we add digital to our major donor engagement?”

Mountains of stats and studies prove that more and more major donors are turning to online sources for news and information, so it’s an increasingly important question.

However, for some organizations, the budget is just not there to jump feet first into hiring a full-time digital development officer.

But what if you could get similar results, without having the full-time role?

What if you could hire a highly trained, experienced fundraiser who fully understands how to leverage digital for cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding major donors and prospects?

Imagine hiring a top-notch digital development officer to....

....Make significant progress discovering and warming your portfolio of prospects…

...Building and executing a digital engagement strategy for events to expose those events to a far greater audience of donors and prospects…

...executing a multichannel stewardship strategy that places your nonprofit leaps and bounds ahead of other nonprofits in the hearts and minds of your donors…

All could be done with an outsourced digital development officer position, that is far less risky than hiring for a full-time role.

What do you think? Is an outsource DDO something your organization should consider?

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