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Building a Team of Authentic Video Ambassadors for Enrollment

When it comes to content marketing for admissions and enrollment, the equation is simple:

For an example of how this works in the corporate world, click here to read about Claire’s authentic influencer team,

Claire's understands the importance of authentic video for boosting sales, and the same concepts apply to your admissions and enrollment programs. Teenagers typically ignore direct mail, and many do not use Google for search. They use social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram; Google reports that 40 percent of Gen Z now prefer using TikTok over their search engine.

You heard that right, for nearly half of Gen Z the term for "search" is "TikTok it" as opposed "Google it."

Creating vibrant, frequent, and authentic content featuring your current students should be the top priority for every admissions office. Relying on outdated tactics, such as email and direct mail, will not sustain future growth. To capitalize on the social media video trend, suggests incorporating authentic student videos into all your enrollment marketing efforts by following these simple steps:

Hire a team of expert student video producers

Assemble a team of six to 12 student video ambassadors, focusing on recruiting those with natural on-camera charisma. While video shooting and editing skills can be taught, it's more challenging to teach someone how to exude likability and authenticity. Seek out individuals with an influencer-like demeanor who thrive on being the frequent star of the video show.

And pay them well. A key to this effort is consistency. You want the same students communicating with prospects from application through enrollment. When done well, “Student video ambassador” is the best job on campus. Competitive pay locks students in for the duration of their academic careers.

Provide skilled daily management

Even Tom Brady needs a coach. Your student ambassadors need supervisors to provide strategic direction and constructive feedback. Some will need training on editing software platforms. All will need supervision in staying on brand and on message. In short, you need experts in both video production and student management to lead this marketing endeavor.

Make student video ambassadors available over text, chat, and social media

85 percent of Gen Z engaged with a contact center using a virtual agent or automated phone, versus 58 percent for baby boomers. (Source: Talkdesk survey, 2021) Younger generations shy away from phone calls, but lean into text and chat. Enhance the value of a student video ambassador program by making those same ambassadors available via text, chat, and social media.

It works like this:

Strengthen this strategy with a robust digital marketing plan

Don’t rely on luck. Modern marketers must ensure authentic video finds prospective students. Paid and organic digital, SEO, geotargeting – all and more are critical to earning the highest return on investment in your student video ambassador program.

Interested in learning more about student video ambassadors for admissions and enrollment? builds and manages authentic student video teams for a growing number of higher education institutions. Click here to schedule a call and learn more.


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