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How to Leverage Authentic Video Influencers to Build Brand Trust

In a world flooded with influencer marketing, consumers are becoming skeptical and placing more trust in the authenticity of user-generated content (UGC).

According to a April 2023 survey by EnTribe, 86 percent of respondents trust brands that rely on user-generated content, compared to just 12 percent who trust products promoted by influencers. Even more striking, 81% of respondents believe that influencers have no positive impact or even a negative impact on a brand's image. More than half, 51%, ignore influencer posts altogether.

That’s right – celebrity influencers might actually harm your brand.

This is where the idea of authentic video, created by "real people" whom consumers trust, comes into play.

At, we have been developing authentic video influencer programs for years and have some valuable tips for building a program that enhances your brand's trustworthiness. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales, better marketing results, and more conversions throughout your marketing efforts.

1. Involve authentic influencers in content planning

Consumers are savvy. Truly authentic content must feel real, which is easier to achieve when influencers have a say in the content they create. Include them in content planning meetings, discuss your marketing goals, and allow them creative freedom. As one of our influencers has said “...our video feels real, because it is real.”

2. Have a plan for managing crises and other issues

Just like with any marketing strategy, be prepared to handle difficult conversations and challenging situations in advance. This is often a frightening prospect for traditional brand marketers, as authentic influencers may sometimes share unfiltered thoughts and opinions, but we’ve long since passed the point of thinking we can control everything that is said about our brands online.

So lean into it and plan for quick and open communications with your influencers, even if it means temporarily pausing their work in the midst of a crisis. As your program matures, your authentic influencers can often help you communicate in times of trouble. Have the infrastructure in place to activate them when the time comes.

3. Do all of it with transparency

Believability is key, and customers have grown skeptical of celebrity influencers. You achieve greater believability with transparency. Be open about the fact that influencers are paid to do what they love. Encourage them to share their personal stories and talk about why they chose to work with your brand. Explain why your brand chooses to communicate through video influencers and why you believe authentic content is so compelling.

There is value in transparency when in the pursuit of “realness.” Be sure that transparency is evident in every aspect of your program.

Are you considering an authentic video influencer program for your brand? Click here to contact and learn more about how we build authentic video influencer programs.


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