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Video + Phone = Annual Giving Success

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Multichannel. Omnichannel. We’ve all heard and probably used those words more times than we can count in the past few years.

Perhaps, according to this article from RNL, that’s because multichannel or omnichannel annual giving strategies work.

Check out these statistics from the above-mentioned article…

  • Donors who were called and received a video were 5x more likely to give.

  • Those who responded to a text were 150 percent more likely to give.

  • And those contacted with call, video, AND text had a whopping 58 percent giving rate.

Video + a solicitation is something we know works. For example, click to read this very short blog post on a Donor Engagement Team’s nearly immediate success using authentic, student-produced video.

You’re reading that right, a more than 300 percent increase on credit card donors through the giving day platform thanks in large part to a student-centric, authentic video strategy.

The key to multichannel fundraising is having a plan to close the donor engagement funnel. At the top of the funnel you must capture a constituent’s attention and make it easy for them to find and consume your content. Once engaged, you need a way to convert attention into action. Giving days are a natural option, because so much of the warming takes place over digital channels. As the RNL report demonstrates, calling is also a great way to close the funnel and convert annual giving prospects into donors.

In the coming year, will be adding a targeted calling element to our Donor Engagement Team offerings. We know that video engagement, digital advertising and social media tactics will identify the warmest, most ready-to-give phone prospects, so we focus energy on strategically calling this smaller audience, with the express goal of closing the funnel. The approach succeeds because the donor is ready for that call – perhaps even expecting it.

Just one of many exciting new directions for the year ahead. We hope to partner with your organization as we roll out this new feature of the Donor Engagement Team!

To book a demo of’s Donor Engagement Center services, click here.

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