Giving Days

Spark the joy that brings giving and engagement to your giving day

Create a celebration of giving that reaches every corner of your supporter base. Turn your online giving day into an annual tradition that grows your donor base through personalized, peer-to-peer outreach that powers new donor acquisition and solidifies high retention.

Our Giving Day services give you the tools you need to create an incredible 24-hour buzz that’s centered around highly engaging supporter experiences. Inspire donors and ambassadors to get involved with the causes they care about most - raising as much as they can before the clock counts down to zero.
Product Overview

Create a day your supporters will remember

While giving happens year-round, there’s something special about bringing your community together, for one day, where their collective impact can be seen by the entire world. Long gone are the days where giving only happens behind closed doors. With a giving day, you can bring donors and ambassadors together in a public effort to raise awareness, engagement and the vital funds your institution needs to change lives and to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Online giving day success starts with developing the right themes, timing, duration, and objectives for the event. Our team will apply our decade of giving day experience to creating the right approach for your organization

Giving Days Include:

A user-friendly, donation-driving giving day platform trusted by clients around the world since 2011.

Giving day strategists with more than 20 years of experience leading hundreds of giving days, raising 10s of millions of dollars for our client partners.

Emmy-winning online video content production teams.

What our customers say about their experience
"What an amazing 36 hours we had! We managed to exceed all our expectations - it really couldn’t have gone any better. The feedback that’s rolling in from across the university is incredibly positive."
Tom Piercy
Head of Fundraising Programmes,
University of York
Product Features

A giving day platform made to engage and inspire

  • Bring your day to life
    We've harnessed our understanding of giving days to create an intuitive platform that showcases the stories your supporters will love. 

    Inspire donors and ambassadors alike to give and share with emotive videos and images that capture the good behind their giving.
  • A familiar face
    Your brand is powerful and we only want to enhance the familiarity that comes with giving to your institution - engaging supporters, at all levels, at every step of their journey.

    That's why your Giving Day platform will be fully branded, making sure your donors have a seamless giving experience.
Product Features

A customizable platform built uniquely for your institution

Additional Features

Create engagement opportunities at every stage of your giving day

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Build a buzz before giving day

Gather momentum before the day, giving your community a sneak peek of what your giving day has in store for them. You can also use the time before your giving day to recruit social ambassadors, to collect early donations or to promote matched giving opportunities to prospective major donors.
Ambassadors platform

Manage and motivate your ambassadors

Ambassadors play a big role in your giving day’s overall success. Your platform will help you to recruit, manage and motivate ambassadors at every stage of the process. 

With the Ambassador’s platform add-on, you’ll be able to
  • Send regular updates on ambassador progress
  • Create easily shareable messages for social media
  • Direct ambassadors to their personalized toolkit
  • Share images, videos and email templates
  • Encourage competition with leaderboards
  • Give away prizes to top ambassadors

Ready to run an online giving day full of breaking news and big announcements?

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