Personalize Your Pipeline

Show how much you appreciate your supporters with personalized, video-centric websites for cultivation, acquisition, solicitation, and stewardship.

Imagine a custom landing page for each constituent that uses their name and speaks directly to their individual interests and passions. Personalize outreach to capture attention of donors and prospects to drive and move them up the giving pyramid.

Product Overview

Personalize Every Donor Experience

  • Video Captures Attention

    Capture attention using authentic video with curated content based on each supporter's interests and passions.
  • Content Library Connects To Passions

    The Mercury content library automatically connects web content to individual constituents based on their interests. Thousands of recipients may receive personalized microsites that perfectly align with their connections to your cause.
  • Inspire Action At-Scale

    In addition to custom content, each microsite can have it's own call-to-action unique to the individual recipient. Use Mercury to drive outcomes that are meaningful to both institutions and their supporters.
  • Gift Officer Outreach That Really Connects

    Put Mercury in the hands of gift officers to create content-rich, video driven microsites that can engage, steward and even solicit. Control the call-to-action to deliver meaningful results from portfolios of thousands of donors.
Go beyond the merge field to deliver a bespoke web experience for every donor and prospect

Send personalized giving day sites to every prospect in your database

Show donors the impact of each gift with fund-specific stewardship content

Create fully customized websites for major donors

Power donor journeys that capture attention and inspire action