Student Engagement Teams

Video-based, student-led phonathon replacement

Alumni and supporters want to connect with students. Student Engagement Teams offer a modern way to make that happen.

Our Student Engagement Teams revitalize your annual fund and reverse donor decline with a video-driven approach to donor engagement.
Product Overview

Key Aspects

  • Building and Training the Team

    Our team recruits, hires, and trains students who amplify your mission through user-generated content
  • Inspiring the Team

    Regular program leadership and coaching to inspire unique, weekly video content that connects with the hearts and minds of alumni and donors.
  • Complement Your Strategy

    We work to integrate SET programs with your marketing and communications calendar to foster year-round engagement and elevate priorities like Giving Day, crowdfunding and more
Student-centered, donor-focused

Expectations for student calling programs are changing. Student Engagement Teams meet your current and prospective donors where they are - online.

  • Year-round authentic video content from students
  • Customized content for donor journeys and digital warming campaigns
  • Personalized videos for VIP donors
  • Agile stewardship for Giving Day
  • Customized content aligned with your fundraising priorities

What We Do

What You See

SET Programs Powered by Technology

Technology Coming Soon!

  • Effective and efficient Student Engagement Teams require platforms on which they can directly engage donors and prospects. While many schools assemble a combination of video sharing, email, and text platforms to conduct this work, {{firstname}} is building a platform specifically tailored to SET engagement, stewardship, and fundraising initiatives.

To implement scalable, personalized, video-driven storytelling to find new donors and lock them in to your mission for life.