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The Engagement Center

The Engagement Center is a fully-managed program that elevates existing strategies through a combination of authentic video-driven storytelling, digital tools, and daily management of all the details.


The best part is that we do the work right alongside your team. leads the program, supervises hiring, trains ambassadors, designs campaigns, and manages all the details to ensure success!


While much of the program management is performed remotely, we include well-timed, on-site visits for team building, strategy sessions, and big events like Giving Day. The goal is to provide institutions with more video than they ever imagined possible. Authentic storytelling will capture people’s attention and inspire them to action using email, phone, direct mail, text, and social media.

Our Clients


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Student Video Teams

Alumni, supporters, and even prospective students want to connect with current students. Student Video Ambassador Teams offer a modern way to make that happen. Revitalize your program with a video-driven approach to engagement.

Student-centered, audience-focused

  • Real stories, from real student ambassadors used to revitalize the annual fund. 

  • Customized content for journeys and digital warming campaigns

  • Personalized videos for VIP donors

  • Agile stewardship for Giving Day

  • Customized content aligned with your marketing and fundraising priorities


Donor Engagement Teams meet alumni and supporters where they are—online.

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Digital Development Officers

Your donors deserve a warm, personalized giving experience. Become the nonprofit charity of choice for your most capable supporters. Drive mid-level donor engagement at every stage—from discovery, to cultivation, to solicitation, to stewardship—with a multichannel strategy that meets modern donors where they receive their news and information.

By working with you will:​

  • Improve retention by helping donors understand how they are changing the world through gifts to your organization.

  • Increase acquisition with modern lead generation and digital warming campaigns.

  • Solve recruiting and retention goals by creating an innovative environment that inspires the best fundraisers.

  • Deploy a technology stack suitable for world-class nonprofits: robust, scalable, flexible and secure.

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Mercury—Latest Solution

With’s Mercury platform, you can go beyond the merge field to deliver an individually customized  web experience for every donor and prospect.

Features include:

  • Personalized microsites for your entire database

  • Video communication tool for fundraisers

  • Personalized microsites that speak to each individual prospective student

  • Behavioral listening tool to inform decision making

  • Automation to scale personalization

  • White labeled to match your brand


Packages Tailored for You services and technology offerings range from $75,000 for six-month engagements to the low to mid six figures for
12-month programs. Click to start the process of building the right program for your organization.

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