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Video Drives Fundraising: A Micro Case Study

The {{firstname}} Donor Engagement Team is redefining annual giving in higher education. In the first year, our DET students produce hundreds of new, authentic videos to grab the attention of donors. As you wonder "what's next after phone," think Donor Engagement Team with {{firstname}}.

More than half of everyone who watches a video to completion will make a gift to the organization featured in the video.

This statistic, from a Google study, helps explain why has poured so much effort into the Donor Engagement Team (DET) concept. The DET is a team of student influencers who create at least one new video weekly, because we know that half the people who watch a video from start to finish will go on to make a gift.

During a recent client partner giving day, Donor Engagement Team videos were viewed to completion 2,925 times in the weeks leading up to the event. The corresponding results were spectacular. Not only did the client partner enjoy their institution’s best ever giving day, but the 3,400 unique donors who gave through the platform dwarfed the previous record of 1,063.

That’s an increase of 2,337 unique donors thanks to Donor Engagement Team content.

So it’s safe to say that at least 57 percent of those who watched the videos to completion went on to give during the giving day.

It probably would come as no surprise that the team is working on year two with this client partner. And already during fall 2021, the Donor Engagement Team has produced 100 new videos. As the program matures at this particular institution, we are increasing the already massive amount of new video content and it will continue redefining the story around the annual fund.’s client partners are leaving donor decline behind and pursuing increases in acquisition and retention with robust Donor Engagement Team programs. Would you like to reinvent annual giving with a digital-first, student-video-driven approach?

Click here to learn more about’s Donor Engagement Team.

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